The color of Water

Creating and reawakening

Today I present my collection of magic formulas, secrets, fabrics and fibers, symbols, personalities, or in this case the personality of a prism during the night.


In this rare stage of my life I wanted to continue exploring through my brush, my rollers and paint to the nomenclature of the colors and the glows of the imagination.


This series is inspired by an event that happened to me; not long ago when after being in an emergency room I was born again.

I survived from a car accident in 2003

and I am grateful to be alive.


A sequence of dreams that I lived, and that other close friends also lived and surely some strangers scattered throughout the earth, who we discovered thanks to extraordinary events but without importance for these lines, having shared a strange but fascinating vision, the formation of A prism during the night.


When we meet we discuss it, about the rarity of these phenomena, almost science fiction, like the angels, the shadows inside the heads and the heroes who rarely defend us to death against immense and deadly mills.


Each of us adopted an emotion to interpret the night prism.

I decided to heal through the paint and found myself creating in a process of reawakening.

It is here where I want to give you a secret.

Without explaining much of what I was looking for or what saved me, how much I need to paint.

This is the result of touching my prism during the dark, examining it with magnifying glasses and tweezers, without harming it but studying it well, its forms, its moods, its taste and smell, its unique and perfect balance. The texture and temperature of each of its flashes, all with a pulse, all alive.

This is the result I arrive with emotion. My beautiful prism at night.

This possibility is made possible through art.


The Art that igniting the imagination teaches us that everything can be projected in the air, colored lights in perfect curve and harmony during a storm at night.





Bird Road Art District 
7428 SW 42nd St. 
Miami, FL 33155

    Thu, Sep 19
    Sep 19, 2019, 7:00 PM EDT
    Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia
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