The interiority of the soul taken to the external plane through art. 

Alicia Erminy, create a world of wonders

By Luis Alcala

Publisher Open Art News, Miami Fl. 

Impossible by her first name not to relate it to that wonderful character created in Lewis Carrol's work “Alice in Wonderland”, because the world of the plastic artist Alicia Erminy is framed in wonderful things in life, love for his son, for his parents, for his friends and especially ... for art.

Art is nothing more than externalizing with certain passion the deepest of our feeling, and precisely therein lies the importance of the artistic work done by Alicia Erminy, art capable of transmitting that special circumstance where “the artist and the moment” intersect.

something as well as "When the unreal is given as real, all in the same world."

A world that ceases to be a fair fantasy with the first brushstrokes of faint colors, and then captures with dramatic textures and firm tears an atmosphere in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

Alicia is original, is creative, because she managed to align soul and oil on hundreds of mostly large-format fabrics. Her work can be disconcerting, it is necessary to clear (visually) many ways to discover deep feelings, perhaps childhood memories, some adult deficiencies, hope, all within a context full of Faith and love for life.

Alicia's art opposes the figurative, summarizing with marked lines an abstraction that accentuates the forms, she is a true abstract artist, because her inspiration rejects any exterior model figure, limiting herself to the most essential of art, chromatic and structural aspects . In spite of the simple appearance of his works, each one manages to invite the observer, because there things are discovered, because one can abstract in that world of strokes and colors that Alicia achieves in each fabric showing absolute mastery of the subject. Alicia in her work proposes a new reality different from the natural one, essence of abstract art.


Today, Alicia Erminy's work has toured an international circuit of important galleries and museums such as The Medellin Museum of Modern Art (Colombia), Sofia Imberg Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, National Art Gallery, Latinoamerican Museum of Art (Miami), White's Art Gallery (Miami), Art Basel 212 Gallery (Wynwood, Florida), Shanghai mart exhibition (Shanghai, China) just to name a few of the most important.


Like the world of Lewis Carrol, that of this extraordinary artist is framed in what we could call "Alice's wonderful world".

relevant point when we consume with our sensibility the interiority of the soul taken to the external plane through art and present in each of his works. Alicia is an integral artist, with an important international artistic management, Alicia is real despite her fantasy world. 

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